What We Do


We help companies grow by aligning your business strategies with your people. Our Consulting firm partners with leadership to build on your organizational strengths and identify new opportunities for strategic growth.

How We Do It



We want to hear about what keeps you up at night and where you envision your company in the future. Whether you are trying to solve a problem or enhance your current plans, Leadership Extension will work parallel with your company to achieve growth plans. We will help formulate a strategic plan that incorporates your people and help guide you through the process.

During the discovery phase, we will review any marketing plans, people development plans, budget plans, or any other plans that may exist before offering input on how to enhance your business.

Together, we will review your company’s current goals, set new goals, and map out a strategy. We will then ensure that this strategy cascades through different departments and different 

Why We Are Different

Even the best-planned strategies can run into roadblocks, but we believe by having a plan that is communicated and aligned to every employee and their role combats obstructions to growth. We are skilled with helping leaders communicate consistently to their teams and ensuring every work group knows how they are contributing to the company’s growth. We serve leaders who know their company has the potential to be more, to operate better, and the ability to leave a legacy.



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When you're ready to begin your company's strategy, give us a call and we can see if our services are a fit for your needs.
Worst case, you'll hang up the phone with a few good ideas.

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