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COVID-19 Crisis Support

These are tough times for everyone. We offer support to help your business communicate to your customers, teams, and other stakeholders, as well as any of the services listed below, including Human Resources and Communication Strategist functions. If you need to make the hard decision to make a reduction in force, we can ensure you understand the legalities, the resources available to help your company move forward, and the path to help communicate to your remaining workforce on the new strategy.

If you need extra help during these tough times, please contact us for a 15-minute phone call at 224-236-0336 to hear how we can help.

We’re Here to Help You Lead Through The Tough Times

Your role as a leader during a time of crisis is crucial to how well your team handles the problems that arise as well as what the aftermath
looks like for your company. Being a leader doesn’t mean you need to make all these decisions alone.

Whether you are looking for someone to act in the capacity of a corporate communication leader or human resources professional, or to help with developing a plan for the future, we can offer guidance and support.

Ways we can help you and your business include:

  • Refine and redevelop your business strategy
  • Develop communication plans for your workforce and/or your clients, including templates for emails, web pages, and social posts
  • Identify important information for your industry
  • Offer change management direction and support
  • Act as an extension of your team and offer leadership in other areas of the business, such as in Communication, HR, or Change Management, while you focus on the overall strategy

How Leadership Extension Can Help

You don’t have to lead alone. If you are looking for support or guidance, please email sgandsey@leadershipextension.com or give us a call at 224-236-0336.

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