Lead with Impact Training Series

Leadership Extension offers emerging leaders training on how to be the most impactful leader they can be with an 8 session series that can be spread across multiple days or broken apart depending on the needs of the organization. Beginning with the proprietary goal setting and planning course and advancing through thinking strategically and managing change, these courses are interactive, fun, and practical.

Lead with Impact Series Courses

Goal Setting and Alignment

  • How to develop a SMART goal 
  • Driving success through goal planning 
  • Learning to overcome obstacles 
  • Becoming a resilient thinker 
  • Setting maintenance goals


Leadership Fundamentals

  • Human Resources basics (Interviewing do’s/don’ts, understanding employment law, documentation)  
  • Onboarding new members on your team
  • Setting expectations with your employees
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Shifting from a peer to a leader
  • Body language for leaders 
  • Understanding different work styles 


Communication and Documentation

  • Understanding your audience and defining your message
  • Developing a message and planning the delivery
  • Communicating to remote workers
  • What to document and how to do it properly 
  • Understanding how your tone can be misread in various contexts


Coaching and Development

  • Coaching vs mentoring 
  • Coaching methods 
  • Development plan ideas 
  • Building trust as a coach 
  • How to ask the right questions in a coaching discussion
  • Holding others accountable 


Building High Performing Teams

  • Defining a high performing team
  • Increasing psychological safety
  • Driving accountability for both individuals and teams
  • Understanding the strengths of your team 


Thinking Strategically

  • Identifying and setting long term goals 
  • Understanding external drivers that impact your business 
  • Tools to help you think bigger and relate knowledge (e.g. pareto, SWOT, PESTEL, Five Forces, Balanced Scorecard) 


Managing Change

  • Understand change management and the importance of answering “why”
  • How to communicate change

Leading Forward and Tying it All Together

  • What’s next in your leadership journey?
  • Practice learned skills from other courses
  •  Recognize how the topics interplay with each other

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To learn more about our Lead with Impact Series and to get pricing for your team, please contact Laura at lnorek@leadershipextension.com.

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